Convert documents to PDF in SnagIt

Elena Santos


Convert documents to PDF in SnagItIf we’ve already mentioned SnagIt quite a few times on this blog, it’s just because it’s one of the best capturing tools out there, and that’s coming from someone who takes about 120 screenshots a week!

However, SnagIt doesn’t only work as a screen capturing tool. In spite of having used it for years now, I recently discovered a new function in SnagIt I didn’t know about: the ability to use it as a virtual printer for any other app. This function comes in especially handy when you need to print a webpage exactly as it looks on your browser, or you’d like to convert DOC files to PDF to ensure other apps and systems will display them just like you designed them.

The PDF exporting tools in SnagIt are really easy to use. Launch SnagIt and then open the document, image or website you want to convert to PDF. The only requisite is that you open the file in a program that has printing capabilities. Go to the printing menu, open the ‘Printer’ drop-down menu and you’ll see ‘SnagIt’ among the available options. Select it and click on OK.

This will send your document to SnagIt no matter what it is: a webpage, a document or an image. Once it has been fully imported into SnagIt, you’ll be able to work on it just like any other image captured with SnagIt. When you’re done, click on ‘Save as’ and select ‘PDF’ as the target format. Your file will be saved as a PDF document.

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