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"Is SnagIt v10 worth the $25. upgrade price ($50, new users). -No-"


SnagIt v10 $25. to upgrade, ($50. for new buyers) is unrealistic. Nothing has really changed from v8 & v9, except a polished interface that resembles the Vista (worst system OS ever) look.

For the $25. upgrade cost, *improvements* should add functionality, like:

1.Improved capture clarity (example: *Clear Type*)

2.Improved clarity of resized captures, (currently terrible)

3.Ability to import PDF files into Editor, (not just a workaround)

4.Ability to handle large capture files,

5.Ability to disable tasks (example: *shadow* in Editor),

6.Ability to save tasks (example: Border size and color),

7.Ability to launch Editor from Taskbar,

8.Ability to add SnagIt to *Open With* window selection,

9.Ability to reduce program to 'Taskbar' following capture *Save*,

A. Is SangIt a excellent program? -Yes-.

B. Should upgrades include "useful" improvements? -Yes-,

C. Is a Vista looking v8 interface worth $25. -No-

  • Excellent program. Have used every day for the last 4 years. Definitely worth the $25 upgrade (to v9.0) price paid in 2010.
  • Good instructions,
  • Good tutorials,
  • Good user support forums,
  • Good tech response time.
  • (a) Not worth the additional $25. upgrade price to v10.
  • (b) Claimed v10 improvements pretty much, already exist in v8 and v9.
  • (c) $25. to look like Vista interface, seems excessive.
  • (d) 100% price increase from v9/2010 purchased price, is greedy,
  • (e) In this 2010 economy, $25 price is realistic, not $50.
  • (f) 3,362,084 ( stats) x 20% purchases x $25 = $16.8 Million.
  • (g) With excellent alternative freeware available, $50. is overpriced.

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17 May 2011

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