Adding watermarks in SnagIt

Cyril Roger


SnagItSnagIt is often considered the reference in screencast software. A while back, we had compared it to another very good screencast application, HyperSnap-DX and came up with the conclusion that SnagIt offers more advanced editing tools like image stamping, RGB color values and annotations. One thing you have to consider if you’re going to produce a screencast though is to protect your creation. The simplest way to do this is to add a watermark. SnagIt lets you do this really easily, and you can select any image you want to use as a watermark, and place it anywhere on your video.

What about if you want to add your watermark to multiple videos and images at once? Well, SnagIt also lets you do this. We found a video on Tech Talk News that shows you how to use the batch conversion wizard in SnagIt to add a watermark to your productions in a snap.

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